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  • Knowledge Is Power
    Zegera Thomas has been farming for much of his life. "With training from CPAR's Farmers Field School, our lives have improved for the better." Learn More »
  • Check out CPAR's new Projects and Partnerships pages!
    CPAR is pleased to annouce our new Projects and Partnerships pages on our website. Learn More »
  • Spring 2015 Semi-Annual Monthly Report
    We are happy to announce CPAR's Spring 2015 Semi-Annual Monthly Donor report is now available. Learn More »
Stories From the Field

  •   Community
       Build secure livelihoods in Africa by supporting an   event or holding a fundraising event.
  • Become a Monthly Donor
    Monthly donors help build healthy communities in rural Africa through their monthly donations.
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  • Gifts of Change Catalogue
    With each gift, you'll help a family  or community in rural Africa overcome poverty.

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    CPAR Food Security Projects
    Ensure year-round food security for vulnerable communities in Africa.
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  • Blog: Direct From the Field

    Going to Africa can be done from behind the comfort of your desk as you soak up the stories of travelers and CPAR program staff
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  • The Donor Difference
    Read the stories of donors whose actions have changed lives in Africa
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  • Media Gallery
    Are you looking for more information about CPAR’s work, engaging photos of development in rural Africa or a downloadable media kit?
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  • Resources
    Our resources section will help educators and students find information and tools to help them explore global education and African development
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