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Story of Change - Jane

“Jane Kanyama is a 36-year-old single mother of five children from Nkhotakota district in Malawi. Devastated by the recent flash floods, Jane lost her home, her livelihood, and her sense of security.

Before the floods, Jane ran a small business in Nkhunga area. Unfortunately, she lost everything as her business items were swept away by the flooding water. Three of her children attended school and now are stranded in a camp without shelter, clothes, food, or school supplies. She only has a water storage bucket distributed from a health worker at Kanyenda camp.

Now, Jane is determined to rebuild her and her children’s lives. But they need your help.”

Today, we extend our hand to you, urging you to join us in standing with Jane and countless others affected by the Malawi floods. Your generous donation can truly make a difference by providing essential aid and helping to rebuild shattered lives. Donate Now!


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