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Kathrina Loeffler celebrates female leaders this IWD 2024!

Here's a special message from Kathrina Loeffler, Executive Director of CPAR Canada, on this International Women's Day:

“Today, on International Women's Day, I'm proud to recognize the incredible female leaders at CPAR, including Abaynesh, Sandra, and Dr. Felagot in Ethiopia, and Olivia in Malawi. The passionate advocacy of these women for CPAR's mission to improve health and livelihoods for women and girls is truly inspiring."

"Their strong leadership has been instrumental in supporting and educating communities, particularly in Ethiopia, to eliminate gender-based violence and promote sexual reproductive health and rights amid challenging times.

In Malawi, Project Manager, Olivia's leadership in projects like 'Girls Belong' has empowered mother groups in schools to continue CPAR's efforts in reducing female absenteeism due to menstruation.

Thank you to all of our valuable donors who continue to support CPAR in all of our incredibly important work!”

Donate Now and contribute to the empowerment of women in vulnerable communities in Malawi, Ethiopia and Tanzania!


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