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Enhancing Sexual Reproductive Health Project in Ethiopia

Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR) and Global Affairs Canada are joining forces to support the delivery of the National Ethiopian curriculum for sexual reproductive health (SRH) as well as supporting the development of the capacity of healthcare system’s SRH services for women and adolescents in the Amhara and Oromia Regional States of Ethiopia. This $4.1 million project is set to directly impact the lives of 708,458 women and girls.


CPAR will work with the Ethiopian Ministries of Health, Women and children, and Education to deliver the national curriculum on sexual reproductive health (SRH) and support the development of SRH health service capacity.


CPAR and Global Affairs Canada’s new Enhancing Sexual Reproductive Health for Women and Adolescents (ESWA)’ project has adapted to the realities of working to create lasting change during a pandemic. To ensure that women and girls are able to access information about their sexual reproductive health while staying safe during COVID-19, CPAR has focused on the development of effective but low-transmission risk activities.

In particular, radio messaging throughout the Regional States and e-learning for front-line health care workers are the initial activities that will safely kick off this 4-year project.

Contribute to CPAR's efforts to deliver SRH services in rural Ethiopia: Click here!


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