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Food, Water, Health Care, and the environment are foundational to sustainable Health

"Communities and countries are only as strong as the health of their women"

Our work in support of the health of women and girls

Badili Mtizamo – Change the Way You See Things Gender Equality Now!

Since 2011, CPAR Tanzania and the International Centre for Students have partnered in a unique, not-for-credit, cross-cultural learning experience called Badili Mtizamo, which is Swahili for ‘change the way you see things’.

This Tanzania Service Learning Project is an intensive five-week experience that uses a service learning methodology to introduce university students to Africa and the specific community development issues in this region of Tanzania, as well as the role and the impact of international develop­ment agencies like CPAR. It is first and foremost a student development experience that takes place in a development context. Using critical pedagogy and reflec­tion techniques, students explore the similarities and the differences between cultures, apply skills in an intercultural context, and derive a lot of meaning from the experience. Students also explore how best practices in community development are being im­plemented to build healthy communities and tackle important issues that affect peoples’ lives.

The theme of the pro­gram is “Gender Equality Now!” This program is designed to deliver a curriculum on gender equity, leadership and health to secondary school girls and boys in the Bunda District of Tanzania. The program also involves communicating the experience back to the University of Mani­toba community and people across Canada through blogs, stories, and photos. Working in the Bunda District of northwest Tanzania, the program is being implemented by CPAR in two secondary schools. Working within the formal school district curriculum, this culturally sensitive program develops students’ confidence and leadership skills, fosters an environment that encourages girls to discuss issues related to gender and reproductive health, and helps enable students to discuss and address issues in their community related to gender and reproductive health.

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