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We're 40!

Join us in celebrating four decades of impact... and help save more lives!

CPAR Fundraising Gala

26 September, 2024 | Preston Event Centre, Ottawa, ON | 6 PM - 11 PM

Health Does Not Exist in a Vacuum...

As a physician-founded organization, CPAR has always been about health. However, we also understand deeply that health is not just what happens in hospitals and clinics. All of the elements that impact health - water, hygiene, sanitation, nutrition, social systems and livelihoods - play a role in healthy outcomes. Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief works with local leaders to meet the specific needs that will advance their journey to health. 

1. Hygiene-necessities-for-schools-1 (1).jpeg

“Wherever the art
of medicine is loved,
there is also
a love
of humanity

~ Hippocrates

Since 1984, Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR) has worked to build stronger health systems in Africa. As a physician-founded charity, we work with our partners in Malawi, Ethiopia and Tanzania to deliver life-saving support for those who need it most. Join us!

Discover impactful accounts and updates that highlight our mission to improve health care in African communities. Our programs feature dedicated African doctors, healthcare workers and midwives who overcome challenges to save lives and make a difference. Stay informed about our programs, projects, and partnerships, as well as the medical advancements, training opportunities, and initiatives that strengthen health care systems.

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