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Ryan's Well

In 1998, Ryan was in class when he learned that not everyone has access to clean, safe water. He was shocked to know that not everyone lived like he did and that a lot of people got sick due to drinking the contaminated water. Determined to help, Ryan and his classmates raised 2,000$ and CPAR drilled the well at the Angolo school in Uganda. Ryan was determined to help as much as he could, and founded the Ryan's Well Foundation, where he still works today. Our two charities have a very long history of working together, one that continues to this day. 



CPAR is proud to have partnered with Ryan's Well many times over the years, and again recently for our Health System Strengthening project at the Fitche hospital. The Ryan's Well Foundation was generous in donating water resevoirs to help increase the hospital's water capacity from 5,000 liters to over 75,000 liters. The Fitche hospital has also been added to the municipal water line. The doctors and nurses at the hospital are grateful for the access to clean and safe water, not only for themselves, but also for their patients. Clean water and sanitation are basic necessities in a hospital, which we were able to provide thanks to the Ryan's Well Foundation. Read about this project on their website.