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Environmental rehabilitation in Tanzania

CPAR, in partnership with the MacArthur Foundation has launched a project that will focus on improving food security and increasing awareness of the causes and consequences of environmental degradation in the Rubana River Catchment area in Bunda District, Mara Region of northern Tanzania.

The Rubana River originates in Serengeti National Park and flows into Lake Victoria. In this area of Tanzania, the damaged ecosystem, combined with poor agronomic practices and unproductive local seed varieties, is undermining the ability of the local population to produce sufficient food as well as build and sustain reliable livelihoods. Cutting down trees for firewood or for making charcoal to sell, along with overgrazing by large herds of animals are the primary causes of environmental degradation in this region.

Our partnership with the MacArthur Foundation has resulted in program activities designed to slow the pace of further damage to the ecosystem, and to rehabilitate the land and riverbanks. CPAR will introduce The Farmer Field School approach and Conservation Agriculture, an approach to managing agro-ecosystems for improved food security while preserving the environment. The project will enable families to increase their crop varieties and yields, have healthier livestock, and increase household incomes.

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