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Women-led community food security and nutrition.

CPAR and the Addax & Oryx Foundation are implementing a women-led food security and nutrition projectdesigned to build resilient rural communities.

Food insecurity and malnutrition are major barriers to development in the Dibate district of Ethiopia. The region is rich in natural resources, yet challenges such as crop and livestock diseases, a lack of skilled human resources, and limited or no access to market linkages leave 85 per cent of the population vulnerable to food shortages, particularly among the indigenous Gumuz population. To cope, many in the area reduce their daily food intake, while others rely on finding forest foods and hunting wild animals, or collecting and selling firewood.

The prevalence of malnutrition in Dibate is demonstrated by the high percentage of children ages six to  36 months whose growth is stunted (40 per cent) and who are underweight (35 per cent). Over 40 per cent of children are acutely malnourished and half the population suffers from anemia. Gumuz families eat only twice a day and consequently women are often too physically weak to engage in productive agricultural activities.

CPAR’s Women-Led Food Security and Nutrition Project has been developed in partnership with the Addax & Oryx Foundation and is geared toward building resilient rural communities. The goal is for these communities to achieve and maintain year-round household food security, diversified livelihoods, and improved household nutritional status.

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