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Dr. N. Kevin Wade Inc.

Left to right: Dr.  Kevin Wade, Frances, Rebecca, Teresa, Sherry, Stephanie and Jing

CPAR’s Donate a Day campaign is partly inspired by the efforts of Dr. N. Kevin Wade, who donated an entire day of his medical service payment plans to CPAR in September 2002. Dr. Wade and his team have continued to support our campaign by participating in CPAR's World Health Day Challenge. 

"When working on a medical project in Malawi, I saw the locals gathering around a clean water pump mounted on a slab of clean concrete. I was proud to learn this was a CPAR project in action. It was obviously making a big difference in the community. With a young family and a busy practice it has been difficult to travel back to Africa but I know that donating my income from a day in my practice to CPAR allows them to continue their good work supporting health and community development even if I can’t travel to these locations as often as I would like."

Canadian Physicians for Aid & Relief’s (CPAR’s) Donate a Day campaign was started in 2006 as a way to provide support for our critical health and development projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. The campaign is meant to inspire Canadian physicians to donate all or a part of a day’s income in support of World Health Day – April 7th.