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Bronwyn Fenn - Winnipeg for Water

Winnipeg for Water: a charity walk for CPAR



Bronwyn first became involved with CPAR in high school when she joined a humanitarian group that was raising money for the rainwater harvesting projects. Bronwyn organized “Winnipeg for Water”, a charity walk created to raise awareness about water issues around the world as well as funds to help build a rainwater harvesting system at a school in Tanzania.

"I was lucky enough to be able to travel to Karatu, Tanzania with the group in 2010 to visit the two schools that received Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) projects because of our fundraising,” Bronwyn said. “That trip is why I keep supporting CPAR and the RWH projects. After meeting the students at the schools, seeing how thankful they were and how much clean water made a difference in their lives, I knew I wanted to help more. I also was able to see the full scope of the RWH projects. They aren't just water and they aren't just a quick fix to a major problem. I see these projects as a sustainable solution that addresses educational, gender, and health issues."