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A new variety of Cassava leaves
Short maturity cassava variety assures food availability in Bunda District.Many farmers in Tanzania have been struggling to produce enough food to feed their families due to severe land degradation. Drought is one of the major causes of these low crop...
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Pay it forward: bringing home the bacon!
Women farmers in Karatu, Tanzania want access to livestock because livestock can be a lucrative business -- a mature pig of around 80 kgs can fetch $170.  To respond to their priorities, CPAR Tanzania launched a pig campaign last...
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Papayas: delicious, nutritious and income generating!
In 2009, CPAR Tanzania launched Farmers First programs in two districts of Karatu and Bunda. Farmers First programs consist of the formation of farmers’ groups called Farmer Field Schools. They include both men and women who lack access to...
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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene - Building Capacity
I’ve written before of how NGOs like CPAR step in to fill gaps where local resources are scarce. It is only together with regional and local government that real progress can be made. Volunteers and natural leaders within each community play key roles...
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