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Rebeka's Story: The joy of providing for her family

t-story-15.jpgRebeka Akoonaye, from Kami Ya Simba Village , Tanzania, is a mother of four. She has three boys and one girl, ranging in age from 12 to 25.

Rebeka and her husband struggled to be able to provide food for their four children year round. Their small farm did not produce enough crops to sustain them until the next harvest and unfortunately, they did not have another source of income. Rebeka wanted to be able to do more for her family but did know what she could do.

"There was no harmony in our home.  I was dependent on my husband in all aspects of life and I had nothing to contribute to the running of our family. Our farm did not provide us with enough food because of low productivity, and we failed even to maintain our small house.  It was a really terrible situation." Rebeka recalls.

Rebeka had an opportunity to join the Muungano Farmer Field School group where she was about to change her approach to agriculture.  She practiced correct spacing during planting, applied manure to her field and planted in a more timely manner using high quality and improved seeds.  She now harvests maize, pigeon peas and beans, is growing papaya and is also expecting to sell kids from the dairy goat that she acquired!

“My husband and I are very happy now and we live in harmony, we run the family together! We are able to pay school fees for our children and we have built a good house using corrugated iron roofing sheets. Our family has new hope for the future and life in general.” Rebeka said.