Knowledge is stopping the spread of HIV-AIDS in teenagers: Lilian’s Story banner image

Knowledge is stopping the spread of HIV-AIDS in teenagers: Lilian’s Story

“I represent a huge number of students who were
afraid to talk about HIV-AIDS. 
Our families don’t talk about it, even though people in our villages are dying of HIV-AIDS. My parents used to tell us it was a curse on evil people.”

Lilian is 14 years old and a student at Muranda Primary School. Her school sits on the banks of Lake Victoria, one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. Lake Victoria is located in Tanzania, where nearly half the youth are living with HIV-AIDS. Teenage girls, like Lilian, are made particularly vulnerable to contracting this disease because knowledge around preventing HIVAIDS and other sexually transmitted infections is unavailable.

As part of CPAR’s Building the Future project we have introduced Junior Farmer Field and Life Skills groups with a special Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights module. The Junior Farmer Field and Life Skill groups are ways rural students receive hands-on agricultural and life skills training. CPAR’s Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights module is one of the life skills that attracted Lillian. Here she has a safe place to ask
questions about HIV-AIDs, early marriage and female genital cutting.

Lilian is now working with CPAR to help raise awareness and introduce preventative measures, such as condom usage into vulnerable schools and communities.