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Growing healthy, educated kids

t-story-17.jpgMarietta is 38 years old. She is married to Martin Amnaaye and is the mother of three children. Neema is 14, Anna is 12, and Herman is five.

Marietta's husband, Martin, was unfortunately in a severe motorbike accident last year that has left his left leg deformed. Due to his injury, Martin has been unable to work. Luckily, Marietta has been able to support her family through the production and sale of a variety of vegetables on her one acre vegetable garden.

Marietta first started learning about how to efficiently produce vegetables and the benefits of growing a variety of vegetables in 2009 when she joined the Quanquary Farmer Field School in Kilimatembo village, Tanzania.  "I’ve always had land and manpower but I failed to implement and utilize them fully due to my lack of awareness and skills. Thanks to the training I received in my Farmer Field School, I am now assured that my children will be able to be educated to the highest level they can achieve!" Exclaimed Marietta. Her family are now enjoying vegetables from her garden like Chinese cabbage, lettuce, green beans and eggplant. Her garden has become her family’s main source of income.

t-story-17-1.jpg"Today, I have the knowledge and skills necessary to produce beautiful vegetables and fruits.  Over the past two months I’ve sold my produce and earned more money than I ever dreamed of.  This money assists me in buying school supplies for my children and purchasing household needs like cooking oil, sugar and iodized salt," said Marietta.

Marietta currently volunteers her time by passing her knowledge onto other women in her village so that they too can transform their livelihoods.

"I have already started helping my neighbours and they are doing much better. They have cabbage and amaranth, a leafy herb high in vitamin A and C, gardens and through these they can afford their daily needs," said Marietta.