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Fransiska's story: Improved farming, improved living

t-story-16.jpgGood agricultural practices, access to ox ploughs and improved seeds have provided Fransiska with the ability to care for her family.

Fransiska John is a widow and mother of three children aged 9, 13 and 15 from Kilimatembo village, Tanzania.  For years, Fransiska struggled to care for her family on her one acre of land, only harvesting five bags of maize a season. Unfortunately, this was not enough to feed her family let alone sell at the market.

In June 2009, Fransiska joined the Quanqary Farmer Field School (FFS) for the purpose of learning good agricultural techniques from the CPAR field officers and other FFS members. Fransiska is now planting her crops at the appropriate time, applying manure, using proper spacing, and is weeding strategically.  She has been harvesting more than 15 bags of maize on her one acre of land and is now able to take care of her family's food, shelter and school needs! She is also planning on acquiring two more acres of land.

"Before, I couldn’t even harvest enough maize to feed my family, now we have enough food that I am able to sell my excess maize at the market. I am also going to be able to grow my farm and continue to provide a safe and healthy environment for my children."