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Dairy goats: transforming lives in Tanzania

t-story-18.jpgSisilia Lazaro lives with her husband and five children in Kambi ya Simba Village, Tanzania.  They have a small plot of land and were able to produce only small quantities during previous harvests. Sisilia's husband suffers from tuberculosis, which hampers his ability to work in the fields. When her husband became ill, Sisilia became responsible for taking care of her children, their small plot of land and her sick husband. "I used to have no income,"
reflected Sisilia.

Sisilia joined a Farmer Field School in her village and through it she became involved in dairy goat farming. Her first goat was given the name Mkombozi, wt-story-18-1.jpghich means 'liberator'. This is because, "it changed my life from nothing to something. It assures me and my family of our daily needs of food and money," said Sisilia. “My dairy goat has two kids and gives me three litres of milk daily.  One litre of milk is for my young son and I sell the remaining two litres in order to raise my family income," continued Sisilia.

With her increased income Sisilia is now able to give her one year old son the nutritious diet that he needs to grow strong. She is also able to pay secondary school fees for her daughter. “I feel proud among the women in our village because my children are healthy and receiving an education.”