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COVID-19 Prevention in Tanzania

CPAR is working to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Tanzania, Malawi and in Ethiopia
As COVID-19 continues its global path, all of us at CPAR are very aware of how countries with fragile health systems are at a greater risk of being completely overwhelmed when the disease hits.
We are working hard in Tanzania, Malawi, and Ethiopia to support local communities.
Our work in Tanzania
Our field officers are focused on sharing information in rural communities in the Karatu and Bunda districts in northern Tanzania and on Ukerewe Island. They are putting up posters and distributing brochures about preventing the spread of COVID-19, as well as meeting with people directly to answer their questions about the disease. The brochures and posters are available in public areas and are being given to health centres and health outposts to distribute to patients, and to high schools to inform students.
CPAR is also broadcasting radio messages to reach as many people as possible, particularly those who can’t access written media or who we cannot reach through our in-person campaigns.
  • We have been working with health centres and health outposts to help them spread the messages on COVID-19. To date, we have reached 32 health centres—15 in the Karatu district, 16 in the Bunda district, and one on Ukerewe Island—with more visits planned in the coming months.
  • We continue our close collaboration with community leaders and district medical officers to mobilize communities and share information about COVID-19, with an emphasis on the importance of:
    • Washing hands multiple times a day, and when coming into contact with people or animals and entering or exiting a building.
    • Practicing physical distancing to the extent possible, and using masks and gloves, or other personal protective equipment, whenever possible.
    • Recognizing symptoms and knowing when to seek medical help.
  • We have distributed and posted over 2,500 posters and given out over 25,000 brochures.
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