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Main Funder: Private CPAR Donor
Where: Kasungu District, Malawi

Primary school rainwater harvesting

Access to clean water, as well as improved sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in schools contributes to better health and educational outcomes among school-aged children.  Inadequate WASH in schools results in poor health, malnutrition, and absenteeism, negatively affecting children’s education. The lack of privacy in sanitation facilities within schools can negatively impact the attendance rates of girls in particular, especially once they have started to menstruate.

Project Goals

Enhance quality education for pupils at Chiputu primary school in Kasungu district through improved health status. To increase equitable access to clean water, increase access to improved and safe sanitation facilities and, improve hygiene behavior among students and teachers.

Project strategies and objectives

This project will involve installing one 30,000-litre rainwater harvesting tank at Chamatete Primary School in Kasungu, along with face boards and gutters to direct rainwater from the roof into the tank.

In collaboration with the Kasungu District Water Officials, Irrigation department, the existing Water Point Committees and School Management Committee will be trained with the requisite skills to perform simple operation and maintenance. 

The project will also install three double Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) latrine facilities at the school, to be used by both boys and girls. The school will be equipped with a hand washing station as well as a drinking station.

Sustainable Development Goals
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