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Today is the final day of our four York students' practicum! We will definitely miss having them around, but we're so excited to see where life will take these four wonderful women! Here's a picture of our final meeting, which took place this morning, followed by final reflections written by Lydia, Sara, Aisha and Dior:


Hello everyone! My time as a practicum student with CPAR has officially come to an end. Over the past three months, I have gained a unique perspective on how CPAR operates amidst a pandemic. Although I initially had my doubts about successfully completing a virtual practicum, I can confidently say that navigating a virtual workspace has taught me a lot about my work ethic and my interest in Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH). I am excited to see the progress of CPAR’s Enhanced Sexual and Reproductive Health for Women and Adolescents (ESWA) project over the next few years. I hope the work I have completed during my time with CPAR will positively contribute to the project’s objectives. Moving forward, I plan on completing further research on health promotion strategies that improve the SRH of women in low-resource settings as well as effective interventions to mitigate early marriage in Ethiopia. Ultimately, I am so thankful that I had the experience to work with CPAR and I believe that CPAR is doing an excellent job at addressing key determinants of health while working to improve the health of vulnerable communities.
As my practicum reaches its end, I’ve learned that working in rapidly changing fields like global health require openness to flexibility and adaptability! I’ve been able to apply so many of the concepts and skills I learned through coursework, into practice while working with CPAR. Simultaneously, I gained an appreciation for issues of women’s health and its relationship to social justice and human rights. Overall, I had an amazing and eye-opening time working with CPAR and the lovely team here! I am beyond thankful for this experience!
These past three months have flown by so quickly! My time with CPAR has been a time of learning, reflection, and growth. I had the opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge from my undergraduate degree to practice in an environment where my superiors facilitate my learning. My supervisors have been incredibly supportive by continuously providing support and guidance throughout this placement. I am a strong believer in the voluntary pursuit of knowledge and continuous learning of new skills. I hope to continue learning and growing in the years to come. Thank you, CPAR, for an incredible experience!
My time at CPAR has officially come to an end. Working at CPAR and on my project has definitely been a meaningful and fun experience. I enjoyed working with my colleagues and supervisors and enjoyed our weekly discussions. I specifically enjoyed working on my project, especially creating content. As I reviewed my learning contract, most of my learning goals were met. However, I also identified personal traits and skills that still need improvement in order to be successful in my career as a health professional and my future endeavors. I hope to apply the knowledge and skills learned during my time at CPAR in my future career. Thank you, CPAR, for this opportunity, for your support, and for entrusting me with your project.