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Tippy Taps

Meet the Tippy Tap! It’s a device used in remote areas of Africa to wash hands when running water isn’t available. This may be an interesting DIY project to help your community stay healthy. Whether it’s installed at the front of your house or at the entrances of buildings or villages without handwashing facilities, a simple Tippy Tap is a fantastic tool to help stop the spread of COVID-19.


If you'd like to build one for your community, find the instructions below! Remember to place it in an easily accessible location, and don't forget to add the How To card so that people know how to use it!


We would love to see your Tippy Tap! Post it to social media and tag us, or tag it with #MyCPARTippyTap to make sure we see it. We'll be sharing a few of them to our page to showcase all the wonderful tippy taps built by the CPAR community, so don't forget to tag us for the chance of being featured!