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International Day of Families

Happy International Day of Families! If you are looking for something fun to do together, CPAR has a few ideas for you! 

Cook a meal together
There’s something special about cooking and eating a new recipe together as a family. Try a recipe from our CPAR staff cookbook this weekend! Make it a wonderful journey to Africa by trying recipes from the homes of our country staff in Ethiopia and Malawi. How about some doro wot; a tasty chicken stew from Ethiopia:

With a delicious Malawian cake for dessert:

No matter what recipe you decide to make, your kitchen is guaranteed to smell amazing! You can find the cookbook here. Share your finished dish on social media and tag us #CPARcookbook! 

Build a Tippy Tap
Tippy taps are a smart, easy family project! You can install your CPAR tippy tap wherever you think handwashing makes sense, whether that's in your front yard to encourage your community to wash their hands while walking, or at the entrance of your village or building. No matter where you place it, your family's tippy tap will help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Here are the instructions:
And don't forget to hanf the "How To" card on your Tippy Tap so your community is knows what it is, and how to use it. Show us a picture of your tipy tap using #MyCPARTippyTap on social media! We can't wait to see your CPAR Tippy Tap creations.

Create a dance
What better way to finish off the International Day of Families than a dance challenge! Our CPAR-Ethiopia and CPAR-Malawi staff put together playlists of popular songs from their communities just for you. Pick a song and dance to it! Get your kids (or pets!) involved to get your body moving and the laughter flowing. Share it on social media using #CPARDanceOfChange and challenge 3 friends or family members to get them moving too! For reluctant dancers, offer them the option to opt-out by making a small donation to CPAR's COVID-19 prevention efforts in Ethiopia and Malawi.
Ethiopian Playlist
Malawian Playlist

We hope you enjoy this day and some of these activities! We can't wait to see your finished dishes, tippy taps and dances on social media.