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Ethiopia-story-15.jpgI’d like to introduce you to Woizero Genet Molatu, a member of the FFS group in the Abo Yayebena Kebele, Jarso District, Ethiopia.

When we first met Woizero Genet Molatu during our meeting with the FFS group, she sat quietly and didn’t make much eye contact. I hadn’t expected her to volunteer to share her story, but her experience with the FFS group in her community must have given her a confidence I imagine she may not have had before.

Through her participation in the FFS group, Woizero Genet Molatu received seeds for teff and wheat farming, and she was able to increase her yield and thus income.   Before the co-op was created in the village, Woizero Genet Molatu used to travel 20 km to the district to sell her produce, but now the co-op just buys it all from her, saving her time and providing her security.  She can also purchase household items like sugar and oil directly from the co-op.

Woizero Genet Molatu also received poultry through the FFS group. With the money from the sale of the eggs she was able to buy sheep.  The extra income brought her security and she sent her children to school and bought them educational material.  She also received a fuel saving stove, which improved her health as well as her family’s as it didn’t produce as much smoke as her old stove.

She was very intent on stressing one important thing from the beginning of her speech, and to the end. She told us that before CPAR came to the village, she would not even have been sitting in this group, as women were not included in discussion around farming or anything of significance around the household. That has changed, and the respect and camaraderie between the members was apparent even to me who didn’t speak the local Amharic language.

Dusanka Pavlica
Executive Director, CPAR