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Changing lives with vegetables

Denbesie is a 45 year old farmer and single motherDenbesie-2-1.JPG
of five and beneficiary of the Women-Led Food Security
and Nutrition project. She lives in Komed village in Dibate district, Ethiopia and has been growing sorghum, finger millet, and maize to provide food for her family, but was never able to grow enough to feed them all.
“Before CPAR, I had to work on the farms of others farmers for food and money to support my family. In 2014, the prospects for my life started to take a different form. I started by joining Komed Vegetable FFS group and received training and seeds to start vegetables production.” She grew vegetables, papaya, and cassava in her garden.

“Vegetables are quick to respond. In three months’ time, I had my first harvest and my family had food to eat for two consecutive months,” Denbesie said, smiling.

She is particularly fond of cassava, which she calls her “miracle crop”.

“Cassava is so productive. The yield is high per a small plot of land, simple to cook and easy to store. I have enough in my stock now for the family. Thank you CPAR for showing me the path to development!” In keeping with the ‘pay it forward’ spirit of all CPAR projects, Denbesie shared cassava seeds and vegetable cultivation knowledge with six fellow farmers.