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Womgako Bame is a subsistence farmer responsible for the health and well-being of his five children. He mainly 3-Story-2-pic-Womgako.JPGproduces maize, sesame, finger millet, and peanuts but was never able to plant and harvest enough to avoid hunger during lean times. Through CPAR’s BSG FSEG Extension project, Womgako received improved seeds, training on enhanced agronomic practices, and on how to handle and market his produce.

He managed his farm very well and enthusiastically applied his new knowledge.

“I was able to increase my finger millet productivity from 1800kg to 2500kg per hectare. I was able to increase peanut production by 700kg from only 500kg per hectare”, Womako reported, delighted with his achievement.

“I will sell the total peanuts produced after they are certified. I sent the seed sample to Pawe Research Centre to process the certification. With this income, I plan to improve my house, cover my children’s school expenses, and invest some back into my farm.”