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Better harvests are fighting malnutrition in parents and children

The Benishangul-Gumuz region of Ethiopia is amongst the hottest places in the country. It is also among the poorest, where Maru and his neighbouring farmers depend only what they can produce on their own laMaru-Terefe-6.jpgnd to meet the nutritional needs of their families. For Maru the fight to feed his family year round was a fight he was losing. Through CPAR’s Fighting Hunger project Maru won the battle last year and will continue to win for many years to come.

Maru participated in one of CPAR’s Seed Multiplier Groups, where he received draught resistant seeds and learned how maintain seed quality during production and improved post- harvest techniques (storing, transporting and marketing). Once Maru was able to meet the nutritional needs of his family he still had seeds left over, which CPAR helped him get certified by the Pawe Research Center –meaning the seeds were of a high enough grade to fetch a better price at market.

From the 30kg of peanut seeds he received from CPAR he was able to harvest 500kg of certified seeds and earn over CA$500 from their sale. With this new income he was able to feed his family for the whole year, send his children to school, and buy household necessities, including clothing. Keeping to CPAR’s pay it forward principle, Maru has become a resource person in his community. He is sharing knowledge and certifi ed seeds with his neighbours and they too are seeing similar benefits.