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Better hygiene is stopping the spread of disease - Senayt’s Story
“After starting to use the latrine and cleaning waste properly, the frequency of stomach aches and diarrhea has almost stopped in my home. I want to thank CPAR for the training I took and the support they gave me in constructing my...
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Better harvests are fighting malnutrition in parents and children
The Benishangul-Gumuz region of Ethiopia is amongst the hottest places in the country. It is also among the poorest, where Maru and his neighbouring farmers depend only what they can produce on their own land to meet the nutritional ...
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Africa bears a heavy disease burden
In countries like Canada disease burdens – how health problems affect a country economically and socially – are measured in terms of disability instead of premature mortality due to communicable diseases, such as malaria or tuberculosis...
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Boosting Productivity
Womgako Bame is a subsistence farmer responsible for the health and well-being of his five children. He mainly produces maize, sesame, finger millet, and peanuts but was never able to plant and harvest enough to avoid hunger during lean times. Through CPAR...
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