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Main Funder: Marien Family
Where: Fitche, Ethiopia

Fitche Hospital capacity building and knowledge sharing project

The goal of this project is to strengthen the capacity of Ethiopia’s Fitche Hospital to deliver effective medical services to patients, primarily through the development of a knowledge sharing partnership between Canadian and Ethiopian health care professionals. Canadian health care workers will work with physicians at Fitche Hospital to improve processes and share their knowledge and skills, with a primary focus on the hospital’s emergency department.

Located 112 km north of Addis Ababa in the town of Fitche (population approximately 30,000), Fitche Hospital has 102 beds. It is an important regional hospital that acts as a referral centre for 57 Health Centres and 297 Health Posts (from the surrounding area) and serves a catchment of approximately 1.5 million people.

Why this project is important

Located on a busy highway, Fitche Hospital receives a high number of trauma patients, as well as pregnant women, who often travel great distances to access obstetric services. Physicians at the hospital encounter patients with diseases such as acute respiratory conditions including tuberculosis, diarrheal illnesses, dyspepsia, end-stage cancer, and sepsis.

Many of the young general practitioners (GP) stationed at Fitche Hospital have received below average training in emergency medicine and resuscitation and are unable to meet the medical and emergency needs of the community. Moreover, there is currently a shortage of senior staff to support the GP physicians in cases that are challenging, or to serve as mentors in continuing education and clinical improvement.

In addition, there is little or no direct communication regarding critical patient referral information. This is the case for patients referred from local health centres as well as those referred from Fitche Hospital to more definitive care facilities. The project will be addressing pre and post hospital referral and transfer processes and quality improvement at district hospital and health centre level.

Through this knowledge sharing program, Canadian doctors with emergency experience will conduct teaching presentations at medical staff rounds as well as teaching in the outpatient-ED department and other clinical areas as required. Virtual rounds will be integrated into future program activities as additional support. The CPAR team will also incorporate periodic specialist placements to assist in knowledge sharing, such as OB/GYN, surgery and/or trauma surgery, pediatrics and pediatric intensive care, radiology technician, psychiatry, and emergency nursing.

Despite the best efforts of their dedicated staff, like many hospitals in Ethiopia, Fitche Hospital lacks resources, equipment and supplies that are considered essential in Canada, therefore some fundamental equipment will be provided through this program.

Project strategies and objectives

This is a knowledge-sharing and training program between Canadian and Ethiopian health care professionals within Ethiopia’s formal health care system. Canadian health care workers will spend four to eight weeks in Fitche on a rotating basis, working alongside their Ethiopian counterparts. Planning and decision-making will be a collaborative effort between professionals from both countries, and training packages will be developed to address any knowledge gaps.  

The expected outcomes of this project are to increase the capacity of Fitche Hospital Emergency Department to meet the demand for services, and to improve the ability of Fitche Hospital staff to deliver quality emergency services via systems improvement and knowledge sharing.

If you are a doctor or you know someone who might want to participate in the Fitche Project, please contact

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