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CPAR has been working in Ethiopia since 1984. There are over 80 ethnic groups and languages in the country; the Oromo ethnic group represents the largest, 40 per cent of the country and Amharic is the official national language.

Climate change, combined with overgrazing, deforestation, and poor agricultural practices, have led to the loss of farmland in the country. Drought and a 17-year civil war that ended in 1991 have also contributed to Ethiopia’s environmental problems.

CPAR began working in Ethiopia in 1984 to provide emergency relief in response to what was the worst famine in Ethiopia in 100 years. Canadian doctors travelled to Ethiopia to deliver direct medical services, initiate emergency feeding programs for severely malnourished children, and to establish vaccination programs.

Since that time, CPAR has initiated development programs to build resiliency so that rural communities are equipped to survive future crises.

CPAR has a head office in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, which is shared with other NGOs. CPAR’s staff in Ethiopia are all nationals.

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