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Better hygiene is stopping the spread of disease - Senayt’s Story
“After starting to use the latrine and cleaning waste properly, the frequency of stomach aches and diarrhea has almost stopped in my home. I want to thank CPAR for the training I took and the support they gave me in constructing my...
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Clean and safe water, changing lives
W/ro Tolesh is one of the residents of Bedesa village of Abo Yayebena Kebele in Jarso Woreda. She lives with her husband and six children. Her husband is the village leader and one of the water committee members who facilitated the construction of the...
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Positive Hygiene Practices
We spent the last two days checking out the latrines that community members had built, and watching them show us how they wash their hands.Some of you reading this may wonder what the big deal is - but it is. Hand washing at critical moments – after...
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Efforts cross village lines
Water, sanitation and hygiene-related diseases are one of the greatest challenges to health in Nkhotakota district, Malawi. The loss of working days due to sickness, the cost of medicine and untimely deaths can place both an emotional and an economic...
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