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Pigs Help Move Families out of Poverty
Livelihood diversification is one of the most powerful tools in fighting hunger and poverty in Malawi. In the face of climate change, rainfall patterns have become unpredictable, so much so, that relying on crop production alone has proven to be a big risk....
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Quality tomatoes: a simple step to a sustainable livelihoods
Jenipher Yohane is a member of the Mtendere Women's Farmer Field School group. One of the main areas of focus for this Farmer Field School is the farming of tomatoes.Tomatoes are one of the most widely grown vegetable throughout Malawi. This is because...
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In the field with Alexandra Belaskie
There is currently one active WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) project in Malawi, which aims to accomplish three things: Improve the capacity of the government and communities to address WASH-based issues, Encourage communities to embrace the use of pit...
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Change Is Possible
This is my last full day in Malawi before I head home tomorrow. I leave encouraged by the gains we have made on this project, and the spirit and warmth of the people I have met on my journey. Malawi is truly “the heart of Africa”. This will be...
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