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Small animals – Big profits
In rural Malawi, rabbit production has always been associated with little or no profit by many small scale farmers. This determination was made based on the size of the animal - more specifically, the thinking was that a small animal would produce small...
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Vegetable production improves earnings
Despite being widely grown in Malawi, adequate supplies of vegetables are only mostly available during the rainy season. As a result, supplies are scarce throughout the other part of the year. This was also the case at Khangale village, Group Village...
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Fransiska's story: Improved farming, improved living
Good agricultural practices, access to ox ploughs and improved seeds have provided Fransiska with the ability to care for her family. Fransiska John is a widow and mother of three children aged 9, 13 and 15 from Kilimatembo village, Tanzania.  For...
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Pay it forward: bringing home the bacon!
Women farmers in Karatu, Tanzania want access to livestock because livestock can be a lucrative business -- a mature pig of around 80 kgs can fetch $170.  To respond to their priorities, CPAR Tanzania launched a pig campaign last...
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