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Hope for the future
W/ro Tigist, 32, is one of the members of a farmer field school organized for small ruminant production in Yayebena Kebele of Were-Jarso woreda. Tigist is a divorcee living with her mother whom she supports. She is trying to provide for her mother and...
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Tanzanian farmers have a love for enhanced crop production
Upendo Farmer Field School in Haruzale Village, Tanzania was started in 2010 and has a total of 32 members; 15 men and 17 women. Upendo, which means ‘love’ is a fitting name for the Farmer Field School as the members all seem to have a love for...
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Dairy goats: transforming lives in Tanzania
Sisilia Lazaro lives with her husband and five children in Kambi ya Simba Village, Tanzania.  They have a small plot of land and were able to produce only small quantities during previous harvests. Sisilia's husband suffers from tuberculosis, which...
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Tanzanian women farmers taking the lead
Women farmers in rural Tanzania gain fruitful results in influencing traditionally male-oriented structures of resource ownership. While community level awareness raising campaigns and trainings are leaving their print in upsetting gender imbalances, women...
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