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Partner: Algonquin College

Small World Big Picture Expedition Africa

Algonquin College’s Small World Big Picture Expedition Africa was a project designed to educate Canadian students, their teachers and families, along with the
Canadian public in general, about the Continent of Africa – its opportunities, challenges, peoples, and stories.

Through the innovative use of advanced technology, the Expedition Africa Team, comprised of journalists and educators, were better able to understand the realities and challenges facing groups of people and their communities in developing African countries.

The project reached millions of Canadian students, parents, the public as well as an audience outside of Canada through the Expedition Africa website. In each country, the team told the story of Africa through journals, articles, videos and pictures.

Working in conjunction with five of Ontario’s larger school boards, the project has succeeded in producing innovating learning tools that can easily be applied to a broad spectrum of existing curricula in different disciplines at a number of grade levels. There are now over 70 lesson plans covering 10 subjects. Materials collected by the Expedition Africa Team accompany the lesson plans, enabling a deeper understanding of African communities and cultures, as well as international development taking place within the Continent.