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Partner: Kildonan East Collegiate Institute

Primary Schools, Rainwater Harvesting Projects, Tanzania

Kildonan-East Collegiate has been partnered with CPAR since 2007 to build rainwater harvesting tanks at primary schools. In 2010 and 2013, some students and teachers from the school travelled to Tanzania to meet the students and community they were helping to fund.

The goal of the Rainwater Harvesting Projects is to enhance quality education for students in Bunda District by improving their health status. This is achieved by reducing incidences of waterborne illnesses among students, increasing equitable access to clean water and safe sanitation facilities, and improving hygiene behaviour among students and teachers. The outputs involved the construction of two 30,000-litre rainwater harvesting tanks, the construction of eight stance VIP latrines for girls, the installation of hand washing and drinking stands, and the provision of materials such as soap and plastic cups. In addition, education and communication materials on proper sanitation and hygiene practices were incorporated into the school’s curriculum.

Students at Kildonan-East Collegiate conducted fundraising activities throughout the course of the year in order to collect enough money for the completion of one project, and in the process educated all the students about clean water, sanitation and hygiene in Africa.

Visiting students also had the opportunity to visit rural farms, several schools, different health care facilities, local markets, and wildlife reserves.

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