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What we do

Since 1984, CPAR has improved the health of vulnerable communities in sub-Saharan Africa. We’ve supported and delivered programs to build the capacity of health care workers and systems, increase food security and improve nutrition. Our projects have helped farmers feed their families, provided access to clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene, and provided emergency aid.
CPAR works in Ethiopia, Malawi and Tanzania, and also runs public engagement programs in Canada to connect Canadians to our projects in Eastern Africa. Each country we work in is diverse and vibrant in its own unique way, however, a lack of resources means many citizens face challenges just to meet their basic needs.
CPAR’s work includes all of the key determinants of community health based on the belief that everything is connected. We approach the health of individuals, communities and the environment holistically as part of one complete interdependent cycle. As a result, a CPAR programs will go beyond health systems strengthening, and includes activities that ensure access to clean water and adequate nutritious food, improving hygiene and sanitation, and creating secure livelihoods 
To learn more about where we work and our projects addressing the social determinants of health, click on the links below.