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Increased family income through vegetable gardens

Sep 01, 2017
Lusia Nduru lives with her husband, Edward, on a small farm in Kunzugu village, Tanzania. Both Lusia and Edward are members of a CPAR Farmer Fields Schools group (FFS). In their FFS group, established through CPAR’s Rubana River and Wetland Rehabilitation and Food Security project, they learned about Conservation Agriculture and the nutritional value of vegetables. With this knowledge they planted a small garden.

The organic practices that CPAR has taught them helped their garden produce large amounts of tomatoes and cucumbers, which they now sell to generate an income for their family. Techniques, such as the use of aloe plant juice and manure instead of industrial chemicals and improved seeds keep their yields high even in the face of climate challenges.

“I didn’t think I could grow a healthy garden in this area. After joining CPAR’s FFS group and learning about organic gardening I choose to work full time in vegetable production. CPAR supported me with vegetables seeds and knowledge. For now, I am selling cucumbers in the town market but in a month I will start selling tomatoes as well to increase my income. Thank you, CPAR, and please keep on supporting farmers with your projects.”

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