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Enter our Referral Raffle to Win a Tablecloth!

Nov 04, 2020
Win one of these handwoven tablecloths from Sabahar! CPAR is launching its first ever Referral Raffle, and here’s how to earn entries:
  1. If you haven’t already, sign up for our newsletter! This earns you 5 entries to the raffle. You can sign up here: https://bit.ly/37WXl4I
  2. Share our social media posts! If you share a post to your stories, you receive 2 entries. If you share it to your profile, you’ll receive 5 entries. Make sure to tag us, either our page or by using #CPAR so that we see and count it! Find this post on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  3. Refer friends to our newsletter! For each friend you refer who signs up, you earn 10 entries to the raffle. Make sure you remind them to name you as a reference! https://bit.ly/37WXl4I
The winner will be pulled “live” on Facebook by our Executive Director, Kathrina Loeffler, on November 20th. If you have any questions about the raffle, feel free to email us anytime!