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Gifts of Securities

A gift of securities is a convenient and financially beneficial way for many donors to show their support for building healthy communities in Africa during their lifetime. Publicly listed securities include publicly traded stocks, bonds and mutual funds. You do not have to pay a capital gains tax when you make a donation of publicly listed securities and stocks to a registered charity such as CPAR. CPAR will issue you a tax receipt for the full value of the security you have donated.

50 per cent of a capital gain from the sale of stock is taxable. When a stock is donated to a registered charity, the full capital gain is exempt and no tax is owed. The exemption can be applied to income tax returns up to five years after the gift has been made, as with any charitable contribution.

To make a gift of securities to CPAR, contact a CPAR staff member to begin the process:

Telephone: 416-369-0865 or email:

  1. Complete the CPAR Share Transfer Form and email it to, or mail it to CPAR Attn: Planned Giving.  
  2. Instruct your broker to transfer the shares to the CPAR account.
  3. You will be issued a tax receipt two to three weeks after the closing date of the sale of the shares. The value of the tax receipt will be the value of the stocks at the closing price on the day CPAR receives delivery of the security.