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CPAR Funds

Something new has come to CPAR - crowdfunding! This allows many dnors tocontribute to a specific fundraising goal and help us meet our bigger needs. We are truly stronger when we work together!

We currently have two ongoing CPAR funds: one to fund ultrasound machines for a maternal health pilot project in Ethiopia, and one to contruct a rainwater harvesting tank for an elementary school in Malawi.

Contribute towards the ultrasound machine fund

CPAR is starting a pilot project to test the delivery of remote ultrasound services for women who are unable to travel to reach obstetrical care. We are fundraising to cover the cost of the three ultrasound machines that will be used to identify health risks during a pregnancy by using technology to connect with an obstetrician who is far from the village. Help give women the prenatal care they need so that they can have a healthy pregnance, a safe delivery, and a healthy baby.


Contribute towards the rainwater harvesting tank fund

We are fundraising to build a second rainwater harvesting tank at the Misuku elementary school in Malawi. Help ensure that students and teachers have fresh, clean water all year round to wash their hands and water the school garden.