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Gifts of Change

This year we're inviting you to Give the Health in Malawi, Ethiopia and Tanzania. Each gift will ensure we can deliver the programs which will improve the lives of those we serve.

Give the Gift of Health

After almost two years of a global pandemic, people everywhere have a new appreciation of the value of health. It is priceless.

When CPAR was considering our annual Gifts of Change holiday appeal, we thought about what mattered most to all of us and the decision was an easy one. As a physician-founded organization we are dedicated to improving the health outcomes of the people we serve. That means reducing the risk of mother and infant mortality. It means access to nutritious food and the knowledge to produce it. It means protecting women and girls from customs which limit their potential and sometimes endanger their lives. And finally, it means access to life's foundational need - clean and fresh water.

And we realized that none of these goals are 'things'. They are knowledge, empowerment, support and education. And, like health, they too are priceless.

So this year we're asking you to support the many ways CPAR works to give a gift that is indeed priceless: Health. We hope you'll join us!

"The best things in life are not things."

Please make a Gift of Health today and let's make a lasting change