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Medical Volunteers

Canadian Health Care Professionals with Emergency Room Experience and/or Rural, Northern Experience

Are you an emergency doctor, nurse, or a family doctor with ER or rural experience, with an interest in serving a community in Ethiopia? Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR) is seeking qualified health care professionals to take part in a four-week volunteer placement. 

This program is a partnership between CPAR and Fitche Hospital in Ethiopia.  The project’s goal is to strengthen the capacity of the hospital to deliver effective medical services, through the development of a knowledge sharing partnership between Canadian volunteers and medical staff at Fitche Hospital. You will work with local staff to improve processes and share clinical best practices based on the local context. This will primarily be focused in the emergency department but will include other departments as necessary and relevant.  There may also be opportunities to teach residents, medical students, nurses and other health care providers.

Duration of placement: One month

  • Work alongside Ethiopian colleagues in the Emergency Department of Fitche Hospital (or other mutually agreed upon appropriate clinical settings) to assess and treat patients
  • Build staff/hospital capacity, especially with respect to clinical triage, assessment, treatment, and disposition;
  • Collaborate with the Ethiopian colleagues to identify or better understand the priority issue you have been assigned;
  • Collaborate with respective Ethiopian colleagues to develop a plan, deliver and evaluate training on the priority issue you have been assigned;
  • Potential opportunity to teach nursing students, health officer students and even faculty at Selale University;

Qualifications and Experience:
  • Licensed physician or registered nurse in Canada.
  • Emergency medicine emphasis which may include general practitioners with ER experience
  • Experience in low resource settings (at home or abroad) is an asset
  • Flexibility, and an ability to adapt to variable working conditions and resource levels
  • Interest in teaching and learning
  • ATLS, ACLS, NRP, PALS or similar beneficial but not mandatory
  • Previous overseas experience desirable
 Other Features:

 This is an unpaid assignment that offers a unique and meaningful experience to the right candidates.
  • Participating volunteers will receive support from CPAR’s excellent Ethiopian country team, and from the medical staff and administration of Fiche Hospital. 
  • CPAR will assist with all required licensing requirements and will provide pre-departure briefing.

Pre-Departure Costs to be paid by Participants.

A visa for Ethiopia to be obtained and paid for by participants. CPAR will provide a letter of invitation as required by the Ethiopian Consulate.
  • A valid passport (with an expiry date at least 6 months beyond the date of their departure from Ethiopia).
  • Immunisations, medicines, and travel health insurance.
  • Costs for notarization and endorsement of official documents for Ethiopian licence if required.
  • Flights and hotels. Staff will be more than happy to recommend airlines or hotels in Ethiopia.

Interested candidates are asked to fill out this form or call 416-369-0865 for more information. Recruitment for these positions is ongoing throughout the year.

Dr. Steve Ferracuti with collegues at the Fitche Hospital.


Q - Do I need to submit an application or resume to volunteer?

A - Yes. You will need to complete the application form and ensure you upload your CV which will be reviewed by CPAR staff members for suitability.

Q - Will I have to attend an interview?
A - 
If you are shortlisted, you will receive an email from CPAR inviting you to a virtual interview.

Q - Do I need to attend a training to volunteer?
A - 
Following a successful interview process, CPAR will share further information with you regarding next steps in the recruitment process. One step is the completion of an online pre-departure orientation. 

Q - What is the time commitment for volunteering?
A - 
Time commitments are 4 weeks in length, however our volunteers are always encouraged to re-volunteer.

Q - Do organizations cover my transportation costs for volunteering?
A - 
As a non-governmental organization, we encourage all volunteers to cover their own costs or reimburse CPAR for the cost associated with the volunteer placement. CPAR will provide a tax receipt to all Canadians for the donation. CPAR is more than happy to help you fundraise to cover the cost of your volunteering.

Q - Do I need to have a Police Check to volunteer? Who pays for it?
A - 
As you will be working with vulnerable populations in Ethiopia, a police check will be required for due diligence. The volunteer pays for the Police Check.

Q - What are the minimum requirements?
A - 
CPAR is currently only recruiting physicians and nurses. A preliminary outline of the requirements is made available for your review, please see them above.

Q - How does the recruitment process work?
A - 
Interested candidates must submit an application form online. The application form and CV will be reviewed. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a virtual interview. Successful candidates will then be required to attend an online pre-departure training orientation before their placement in Ethiopia.

Q - How long does it take from application to deployment to Ethiopia?
A - 
CPAR strives to deploy volunteers within 8-12 weeks after initial contact with the candidate.We are currently not sending volunteers overseas, and will not do so until international travel is declared safe by the government of Canada.

Q - Can I serve with my partner?
A - 
CPAR accepts applications from couples wishing to volunteer together. However, given that we are focused on medical volunteers, only couples who are both within the medical field would be selected. Each individual must apply on their own and attend their own individual training. Where only one individual qualifies or gets selected, the volunteer may bring their partner with them. However all costs and getting a visa are the responsibility of the volunteer.

Q - Can I be accompanied by my family?
A - 
Yes, CPAR volunteers can bring their families. Volunteers are responsible for their family members' associated costs, including visas.

Q - I have questions that weren't answered here, whom can I contact?
A - 
Please write to for any further questions you may have.