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Since CPAR’s creation in 1984, significant gains have been made in improving the health of communities and combatting major health problems in sub-Saharan Africa, and CPAR has been proud to have played a role in that progress. 

Over the decades we have supported and delivered programs to build the capacity of health care workers and systems, improved livelihoods and provided emergency aid. Our projects have helped farmers feed their families nutritious food, provided access to clean water, and improved sanitation and hygiene.  As the landscape of sub-Saharan Africa has changed, so have our programs evolved to address the changing needs in Ethiopia, Malawi and Tanzania. 

Moving forward, as we seek to make even more impact on the health of communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, we are focusing more purposefully in the improvement of health systems. 

Weak health systems are a barrier to even greater progress in sub-Saharan Africa. Strengthening the health system directly addresses not only the quality of service and therefore health outcomes, but also discrimination by improving equitable access to care. By working to improve the capacity, sustainability and outcomes of health systems in Ethiopia, Malawi and Tanzania, we improve emergency care. We help mothers have healthier babies. We connect educators, front-line professionals, health centers and technology in better ways, so healthcare resources make a greater impact. 

We believe that there is a role for Canadian expertise in making our programs have even greater impact.

How YOU can help:

Volunteer: If you are a doctor or nurse with emergency room experience, consider volunteering for 4-8 weeks at the Fitche Hospital in Ethiopia as we partner to improve the capacity of human resources and systems. Learn more: Volunteer

Advise: As we develop projects to improve the health of communities in sub-Saharan Africa, the design of these projects can benefit from the experience of health care professionals in Canada. Whether you are a nurse, doctor, midwife or administrator, your experience is valuable. We are looking to build our database of professionals whom we can contact from time to time. Share your Experience! To learn more send an email to info@cpar.ca.